Design The Most Attractive Advertising Wrap For Your Business Vehicle

Posted on: 6 July 2016


You have to use your business vehicle to meet service requests, purchase supplies and a host of other activities. Why not let your vehicle work for you? Having your vehicle professionally updated with a graphic design wrap is a great way to accomplish this. Learn just some of the key factors to remember when creating design wraps for your business vehicle.  

Minimize Copy

Learn how to convey your message in as few words as possible. Whether behind the wheel or in the passenger seat, it's already a challenge to read words from a moving vehicle. If your design is loaded with copy, this will only make the process more difficult. Consider what the main take away you want people to have is.

Think about a heating and air service company that caters to after hour service requests, for instance.  Emergency Repairs or 24 Hour Access are just two great phrases to include. Stick with the main point, your business name and contact information.

Avoid Photos

One of the main goals of advertising wraps is brand recall. When your logo becomes synonymous with a particular product or service, potential customers are more likely to seek you out. It's far easier to do this with a logo than it is a photograph.

For example, when you think about your favorite fast food restaurant, their logo often comes to mind before a photograph image they have used in an advertisement. To get the most benefit from your wrap, keep your logo large. In fact, the name of your business and your logo should be very similar in size.

Coordinate Colors

If you want to attract people to your vehicle, you need to make it visually appealing. To accomplish this, make sure your colors coordinate. While the goal is to stand out, if you jam the design with a rainbow of colors, your design will likely be more distracting than attractive, making people look away.

Try to choose colors from the same hue. For example, a red base, with orange and yellow hues would be considered visually appealing. While you don't have to match your business colors exactly, try to keep the colors as close as possible.

Think of your wrap design as an extension of your business. You wouldn't want just any type of representation for your business so make sure your wrap design is up to par. A design professional, like Aggressive Graphics, can assist you with accomplishing this.