6 Survival Items Every Trucker Needs In The Cab Of The Truck

Posted on: 1 September 2016


As a professional truck driver, part of your training likely involves knowing how to stay prepared for emergencies on the road. However, as the years pass, a lot of those helpful ideas get pushed to the side. The fact of the matter is, though, you never really know when engine failure or something else could leave you and your rig parked on the side of the road waiting for a heavy-duty towing company to bring you to an auto shop for truck repair. Make sure you are prepared for an emergency situation as a stranded trucker with these items on hand.

  1. Water - On every long-haul, having water in your truck is important, but it is also important to ensure you have enough water on hand to carry you over if you were to get stranded. While you wait on help, it will be important to stay hydrated, especially if it is in the middle of summer and your truck engine is not running.

  2. Windshield Protector - If you get stranded in the summer sun, just having a windshield protector in your truck will allow you to block off some of the heat. Go for a protective cover that is designed for your truck's make and model to ensure it can be completely covered.

  3. Battery-Operated Radio - In the event you get stranded, having a battery-operated radio on hand will not only help pass the time while you wait, but also give you access to local news. This can be important in the winter when you will want to be notified of changing weather conditions.

  4. Snacks - As a trucker, you probably already keep a few snacks on hand that you can grab while you are on a trip. However, it is a good idea to make a point to stock the cab of your truck with enough high-protein snacks that you could get by if you had to be stranded for several hours, which is a real possibility in some deserted locations or in the middle of winter when roadway conditions are at their worst.

  5. Cell Battery Boost Charger - You may have a charger for your cell that you can use with your truck battery, but if something happens and your charger stops working or your motor is no longer running, it will be extremely important that you have a way to charge your phone. A portable power block can be charged before you head out and will hold that charge for several days.

  6. Emergency Blanket - Even situated in the cab of your truck, it can get really cold in the winter if you are left waiting for help. An emergency blanket folds away into a tiny pouch and will be a good thing to have on hand if you're dealing with a breakdown in the cold weather.