How 5 Basic Auto Body Repair Jobs Are Handled

Posted on: 30 March 2020


If you have to take your car to an auto body repair shop, you'd probably like to have some idea of what work will be done to your ride. Here are five of the more common repairs that technicians are asked to perform and some info on how they're handled.

Removing Dents

The fender bender is one of the classic jobs of the auto body repair world, and that means technicians take out lots of dents. Removal of dents involves at least one of the following three techniques.

First, it may be possible to carefully use a strong suction cup to pull the damaged section back into its normal form. Second, a small hole may be tapped into the dent and a hook is used to pull. Finally, a hammer might be used to pound the component back into shape from the inside. Technicians regularly end up mixing and matching techniques, especially when dealing with stubborn dents.


Sometimes pounding out the dents just isn't a possibility. In these situations, the simplest answer is oftentimes to remove the damaged panels and replace them with fresh ones. It's almost always necessary to prime and paint the panels to match the car's current color and finish, too.

Scratch Removal

Nicks and scratches are also very frequent sources of auto body repair work. In many cases, rubbing compounds can be used to spread the surrounding paint out across the scratch. If necessary, a new layer of clear coating can be applied to protect the spot. The worst cases may require using small amounts of matching touch up paint.

Replacing Lights and Sensors

Modern cars are loaded with signals, lights, and sensor packages. Even a small amount of damage to the corner of a vehicle can do surprising destruction. These components are almost always removed and replaced. In some instances, new wiring may have to be installed to replace damaged wires. Especially with sensors, computers sometimes even have to be reset to account for the repairs.

Window and Windshield Replacements

The force of a vehicle impact can transfer energy all the way into the windows and the windshield of a car. Usually, it's best to pop these out and replace them with appropriate parts. Any seals may have to reglazed to ensure water stays out. With windows on the doors, it may also be necessary to replace the tracks and electronics that activate the windows.

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