What Factors Does An Autobody Shop Consider When Deciding Whether To Repair Or Replace A Bumper?

Posted on: 22 September 2022


If you have backed up your car and hit a tree or garbage can, or someone has rear-ended you, you may have damage to the bumper of your automobile. In some cases, a bumper repair can be completed, while in other cases, your entire bumper will need to be replaced. If you are bringing your vehicle to a collision repair center, you may be wondering what factors an auto repair technician looks at when deciding whether to repair or replace your bumper. Here are some of those factors.  

The Material the Bumper is Made From

One of the factors that play a key role in whether a bumper should be repaired or replaced is what material the bumper is made from. If the bumper is made from plastic, it is hard to repair dents, dings, and scratches. On the other hand, if the bumper is made from metal, epoxy, or fiberglass, it can be much easier to make certain types of repairs. As such, a technician will always look at the material your bumper is made from when recommending repairs or replacements.   

The Type of Damage Done to the Bumper

Another factor that an auto repair technician looks at when determining whether to repair or replace a bumper is the type of damage done to the bumper. If there is a large dent in the bumper, it may be easier to replace the bumper. However, if there is a smaller ding, repairs may be recommended. Likewise, if there is a large crack in the bumper, replacement may be needed. However, if there are small scratches, bumper repair may be the best course of action. 

The Condition of the Hooks and Fasteners

Every bumper has hooks or fasteners that help to adhere the bumper to the backside of your automobile. If those hooks or fasteners were damaged in the accident, it can be nearly impossible to repair the hooks and fasteners without impacting the strength and integrity of the fastener. As such, if the hooks and fastener were damaged, an auto repair technician will most likely recommend that you replace the bumper, rather than repair it. 

The Cost to Repair Versus Replace

Lastly, an auto repair technician will look at the cost of repairing the bumper versus the cost of replacing the bumper. Some bumper repairs can be costly, and in these cases, it may be cheaper to replace the bumper. On the flip side, if the repair cost is minimal, it may make more sense to repair the bumper. 

If your bumper is dented, dinged, or scratched, you should bring your vehicle to an auto collision shop. An auto repair technician can examine your bumper and help to determine whether bumper repair or bumper replacement is the best way to help make your car as good as new. Reach out to your preferred auto collision shop to schedule an appointment.