Custom Designs And Patterns To Personalize Your Car

Posted on: 7 January 2016


Your car can be an extension of your own creativity and artistic vision when you have it customized by a hydrographic shop. Hydrographic printing is a method of applying printed designs to three-dimensional surfaces made of metal, fiberglass, wood, plastic, ceramics, and glass. When hydrographic patterns and designs are applied to your car, you personalize it to be uniquely your own. Hydrographic designs can be applied to your car's exterior, interior, and engine parts, such as your car's hood, trunk lid, door panels, dashboard, fenders, steering wheel, wheel rims, and hubcaps. These custom hydrographic prints are extremely durable and will make your car truly distinctive. Here are a few of the current hydrographic designs that you can have applied to your car:  

  • Flames and Fire - Realistic flame designs are very effective when applied as a hydrographic pattern, especially when you chose your own colors. You can have blue, green, or silver flames or even pink and purple flames. These flames are extremely realistic, unlike the flames that have been classically painted on cars. 
  • Gemstones - An exact replica of the patterns on precious and semi-precious gemstones can be applied to your car for an expensive look. You can have a dashboard or car hood that looks like it was made out of tiger's eye, jade, jasper, labradorite, fire agate, opals, crystals, or even, faceted diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. 
  • Wood Grains - The unmistakeable grains and burls of exotic woods can be applied to your car to give it a very exclusive and warm look. You can have a dashboard that mimics a priceless wood grain without the expense of actually buying a rare wood. 
  • Carbon Fiber - This is a seamless pattern created from the image of metallic strips, parts, and pieces of engines and machines. These metal parts are interwoven together to make an illusionary fabric out of pure metal. This high-tech pattern is perfect for the exterior of your car. 
  • Animal Patterns and Portraits - The natural patterns and faces of animals and birds are a wild and natural look when applied to your car. Patterns such as zebra stripes, tiger spots, snakeskin, giraffe spots, fish scales, eagle feathers, butterfly wings, and even peacock feathers will give your car a fierce and exotic look. 
  • Landscape Designs - You can also choose to apply photorealistic landscape designs that include, trees, leaves, branches, rocks, mountains, lakes, rivers, and deserts. These natural designs are very distinctive on a car especially when you drive it in a city. 
  • Skulls and Zombie Apocalypse Heads - Show your primitive side with car parts painted to resemble human skulls and even zombie apocalypse heads. This pattern is very contemporary and yet can provide a bit of irony and dark humor.  
  • Currency - Another very impressive look is to have your car's dashboard look like it is made out of piles of $100 dollar bills. This look can be a fun conversation starter with anyone who rides in your car. 
  • Your Own Artwork - Your own drawings and designs can also be used to create a seamless pattern that can be applied to parts of your car. Bring samples of your work to your hydrographic artist to be combined into a continuous design for your car. 

Hydrographic shops can take whatever subject you desire and create a seamless pattern that can be applied to many parts of your car. Select a highly successful pattern that has already been perfected or work together with your hydrographic artist to create your own custom design. Whatever design you choose will transform your car to be totally original and like no other car on the road. 

For more on custom hydrographics for cars, click the link or do an online search.