3 Ways To Protect Your Vehicle's Paint

Posted on: 28 November 2016


There are few things more attractive than a vehicle with a shiny coat of paint. Your vehicle's paint serves as a protective coating that prevents contaminants from corroding its frame. Keeping your car's paint in good condition should be a priority when you want to prevent serious body damage.

Here are three things that you can do to ensure your vehicle's paint remains aesthetically pleasing and functional well into the future.

1. Avoid exposure to sunlight whenever possible.

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause paint molecules to begin to break down. This breakdown becomes evident when your car's paint begins to fade. A failure in the molecular structure of your vehicle's paint could result in corrosion to the metal frame below.

Protect your car's paint from sun damage by avoiding exposure to direct sunlight whenever possible. Parking your car inside a garage or under the shade of a tree can help you extend the life of your paint job.

2. Add a clear coat.

Opting to have a body shop add a clear coat to the top of your vehicle's existing paint can be a beneficial way to provide an added layer of protection to your vehicle's frame. The clear coat is a durable product that is designed to be impermeable to corrosive elements.

Protecting your vehicle's paint from sustaining damage when exposed to extreme weather conditions and any chemical additives used to maintain roadways in your area is easy when you add a clear coat finish. This clear coat can also help to preserve the shine of your vehicle's paint, keeping your car looking like new.

3. Repair any body damage quickly.

If you are in a collision (no matter how minor), there is the possibility that your vehicle's paint will sustain damage. Body damage that results in chipping, scratching, or other types of paint damage should be repaired quickly.

Once the damage is fixed, your body shop will apply a new coat of paint to the affected area. This ensures that the integrity of your car's paint job as a whole will remain intact, preventing the possibility of corrosion in the future.

Taking the time to pay careful attention to your vehicle's paint job can be a simple way to ensure your car's frame stays structurally sound. Avoid direct sunlight when possible, invest in a protective clear coat, and have body damage repaired quickly to keep your vehicle's paint job as functional as possible.

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