Need To Purchase A Paint Booth For Your Auto Body And Paint Shop? 3 Accessories To Purchase With It

Posted on: 21 September 2018


If you own an auto body and paint shop, purchasing a paint booth will make things much easier for you. Along with the paint booth, however, you should also choose accessories to go with it. Below are three of these accessories so you can get everything set up.

1. Bluetooth Sound System 

A Bluetooth sound system will allow you to listen to music while you are painting automobiles. This can make your time spent in the paint booth more enjoyable and can help the time pass faster. The sound system will have USB ports so that you can charge your smartphone while you are in the paint booth. This means you can continue listening to music even while your phone battery is low. Along with the sound system you also must choose speakers to go along with it.

The sound system you purchase should be a professional grade quality. The sound system and speakers are encased in an enclosure to protect them from paint fumes.

2. Rotating Table

Purchase a rotating access table for your paint and the supplies that you use. You can mix the paint or prepare supplies needed while another employee is spray painting the automobile. This allows you to spray paint automobiles quicker. The access table also keeps the paint booth more organized and freer from debris and clutter. This is because everything you use can be kept on the table.

Having everything ready each time you spray paint means you will not have to worry about constantly leaving the paint booth to get supplies you need. This helps prevent dust and dirt from entering the paint booth while automobiles are being spray painted.

3. Floor Paper and Paint Booth Coating

No matter how careful you are when spraying painting automobiles, paint spray will get on the flooring and walls. To help with this you can purchase a coating strip for the flooring and walls. This coating strip is made of a special paper that is an adhesive. The paper is thick enough, so you do not have to worry about paint bleeding through.

Remove the adhesive and stick the paper where you need it. When you are finished spray painting simply remove the paper from the flooring and walls. You can then replace with new paper for your next spray paint project. This will keep your paint booth in great condition for a longer period. Talk with a company like Refinishing Group Inc. that sells automotive paint booths to learn more about these and other accessories available.